About Us

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Wool Novelty, started in 1917, is based out of Bethpage, N.Y. and manufactured in High Point, NC. We sell the loops left from trimming hose toe seams and the square looms used to weave the loops into pot holders. In a year, Wool Novelty ships out about 200,000 pounds of cotton and nylon loops, around 200 million loops. The loops are dyed 300 pounds at a time in a rainbow of colors. The nylon is especially receptive to neon dyes. The neon loops have been used by soldiers for marking targets in practice. Wool Novelty also has directions for making things such as loop belts, purses, and other accessories. But potholders are the biggest seller.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Our goal is to be a leader in the industries we serve, by exceeding customers expectations and constantly increasing our customer base. We will provide customers with quality products and service at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction and company profitability will be achieved through continuously improving our process and methods, relying on the skills, ability and total involvement of all our employees.

QUALITY: Every piece of merchandise goes through 4 separate steps before they are made available to you. We spend extra time and effort to ensure you the quality you demand! We are interested in any questions you may have and can be contacted through email or by using our 800#.

THE FUTURE: Wool Novelty will continue to bring you the highest quality product. We won’t put our name on any product unless it meets our long-standing guarantee for customer satisfaction. When you see the name Wool Novelty, you will know it means quality. If you are aware of any hosiery mills that are currently throwing away their waste, or paying to have it hauled off, would you please contact our factory at 336-886-4964 and ask for Robbie. Thank you for your support to our company!