Headband Instructions

Nylon loops are machine washable in cool water, and machine dry-able at low temperature.


Make Hand Chains
Hold up hand, palm facing you.

  1. Twist loop back and forth over each finger.
  2. With new color loop, repeat Step 1.
  3. Starting with finger #1, lift lower from back of finger over upper loop and top of finger. Repeat with each finger in turn.
  4. With new color loop, repeat Steps 2 and 3.

Continue to repeat until small “chain” is formed in palm of hand. Tug gently on first loop to begin to stretch chain. It takes about 5 or 6 loops through last loop on finger #1, then #2 etc., to join chain into a circle. Knot ends together to secure.

Make Hand Chain Belts
Measure waist. Double length for double wrapped belt and add 36 inches to this measurement to allow for 18 inch ties. Make hand chain in desired pattern for length needed. Tie loops at each end to secure and slip ends through back of chains on wrong side of belt.